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I would like to share a little of my life and how i got here. I believe in living your best life. My battles with my own health and those loved ones around me set me on a journey to find solutions for natural remedies. They have improved the quality of my life. I found on my journey that if the body is unwell it can really put a damper on that plan. I was not my best self but i am not one to give up. Along the way I found many ways naturally, that improved the state of my health. Through testing different products I would only settle for the best and doterra is one of the best all natural products I have used. These products and seen a significant difference in me and others.



I want to enrich the lives of others and educate those who seek an understanding of a holistic life style, and all its rewards. I want to be part of that journey that opens possibilities for the best you. The achievements are undeniable when you feel your best.



Its been wonderful to have had the opportunity to see the change natural holistic living can make on a persons life. The way it enriches so much around them. I, have a passion for it, I want to share that possibility with everyone. It is time to get back to mother earth and the bounty she provides.

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