Botanic Choice Healthy Solutions since 1910

Botanic Choice Healthy solutions since 1910

You can trust Botanic – their products are doctor recommended and always carry an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee. Indiana botanic gardens is the largest seller of herbs by mail order in the world. Joseph Meyer the founder was a pioneer in the natural health movement and started the company in 1910. Joseph learned a great deal about all the various aspects of nature at a young age. In 1918 with his great knowledge and research he wrote and published a 400-page book called “The Herbalist”. Due to economic conditions and the scarcity of professional medical help’ self treatment with herbs was commonly practiced in the early 1900s. And is still being used today for our everyday ailments. The business was passed on to his great-grandson Tim Cleveland, who shares his grandfathers knowledge for healing with nature. In 1990 the company began selling vitamins and other nutritional supplements In addition to bulk herbs. They have been trusted experts in the field of nutritional supplements for over 100 years. You can feel safe and confident having a wide variety of natural products for you and your family to choose from.

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They have researchers that monitor the latest nutritional and scientific advancements to develop the most effective remedies you will only find here, as well as the old remedies that have been used and trusted for generations. Joseph Meyer firmly believed that you could lead a healthier, happier life with teas, tonics, and herbs found in nature. His family also shares his passion for healthy natural products from nature. Botanic Choices uses only superior quality ingredients for their vitamins, nutritional supplements, natural beauty products, liquid extracts and homeopathic remedies. Learn detailed information on natural health in the health news section, it is an enormous repository of information including herbal remedies, nutritional tips, recipes, a vitamin guide, and Today’s Health news. They also have a convenient auto refill program that makes it easy to order the everyday items you use. Earn reward points as you buy products redeemable for discounts.

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They’ve got you covered with their easy to use A to Z index. They have amazing solutions for your everyday needs. Exclusive products you won’t find anywhere else, with featured categories in weight-loss supplements, vision supporting eye health vitamins, natural aroma therapy essential oils, natural beauty care supplements and products, energy vitamins and supplements. Give your immune system the support it needs with their full line of immune health supporting products. Their featured brands in The Botanic Choice Healthy solutions and Botanic Spa Beauty by Nature have been used since 1910. You will find absolutely everything you need at Botanic Choice for your everyday needs, with an extensive line of homeopathic products and remedies that are safe for the whole family. Homeopathic Remedies Sale at Botanic ChoiceShop our Premium Exclusive Formulas – Only at Botanic Choice Discover Aromatherapy! Find essential oils for stress relief, mood enhancement and more

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At Botanic Choice you will have peace of mind knowing that their products have been tested and they maintain high quality control standards, that meets and frequently exceeds, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) guidelines. Feel at ease knowing you and your family have safe all natural products to choose from. With over a hundred years of experience and knowledge in Healthy living with remedies that begin in nature. You can trust – their products are doctor recommended and always carry an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee

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