The Lost Book of Remedies

The Lost Remedies of Mother Nature

Healthy natural herbal remedies have gotten lost in the hustle bustle of our everyday busy lives. This guidebook brings us back in touch with Mother Nature who supplies us with all of our medicines naturally and effectively if used correctly. This will help bring you in tune with your body. This book of lost remedies will teach you how to do just that. It will be your go to for all your ailments. It will fit beautifully beside your cook book. It will allow you to save money on the expensive pharmaceutical medications which may cause unwanted side effects. Also saving you trips to the pharmacy. I would like to share this treasure I found with everyone.

I Guide of Herbal Remedies

In this book you will uncover the lost secrets of herbal medicinal remedies. Learning how each plant will influence the body. Also learn the properties of hundreds of plants with a detailed guide on how to find them. You may even find some growing in your own backyard. This guidebook makes it easy to understand and find them with thorough visual explanation making sure you don’t gather something entirely different. With the purchase of this book you will also have a support team who are willing and available to answer any questions you may need clarification on.

Learn Natural Healthier ways to Live your Life

This book teaches you how to locate and distinguish the different herbs and plants. With over 800 powerful herbal remedies you will learn how to brew and mix herbal teas, poultices,, salves, concoctions, decoctions and so much more. It will also teach you how to prepare remedies for cholesterol, heart, flu, cold, pains and more. You will benefit your health greatly with the knowledge that you will gain from the guidebook. You will learn to collect plants and how to prepare, store, and brew them for different purposes.

Grow your own medicinal garden

Become an expert with this guide at growing your own medicinal wellness garden, full of beautiful plants and herbs you would love to see and use on a daily basis. It has helped me to be very successful at growing my very own medicinal garden. This guidebook has visual and informative aspects with the goal of serving the needs of your general health maintenance as well as accute issues that may arise. Plants have been used for a variety of illnesses for thousands of years, people have been using fresh plants and herbs straight from thier own garden to make countless recipes found in this guidebook. Learning to and mix teas, essential oils, syrups, infusions, and so much more. They have been handed down from our grandparents for many generations. Our ancestors used them daily to be healthy and well prepared for anything.

Reassurance in a time of need

The knowledge you will take away from this will give you the reassurance an insight that when a crisis hits and pharmacies or not available you will know what to do to keep your family healthy. It will show you how to adapt to any environment and come out on top in most critical situations. This book is not just about theory, but how to find, mix, preserve, brew remedies that can be used in a magnitude of situations. You will save thousands on expensive pharma products that are made from the same herbs. This guidebook has taught me how to treat me and my family naturally which gives me peace of mind knowing we are free from all the unsafe side affects. You and your family will enjoy this guidebook as much as i have. This guide book is full of knowledge to prepare you for any situation.








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